The ideals of the Communist Party appealed to many Americans looking for radical change and support for the working class. Mollie West spent many years supporting union strikes and community activism through the Communist Party until growing fear of espionage put a rift between communists and the labor movement.

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The Communist Party in the United States



The Communist Party in the United States grew alongside the labor movement, with both dedicated to fighting for the rights of workers. See how the two movements influenced Mollie.






Communism and Women



While the Communist Party offered Mollie and other women the opportunity to participate in politics and organizing, see how their potential and hard work were often overlooked.





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The Red Scare



After World War II, Americans felt threatened by the international influence of communism. How did this fear change Mollie’s life and American society?






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Changing Face of Labor



When laws, like the Taft-Hartley Act, put a rift between labor unions and communist supporters, Mollie and others were faced with life changing decisions.







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